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Me and my buddy installed the Sonnax/ Tricumm in my truck last weekend and it has been shift rather hard in my opinion from what ive read it should. It is actuall kinda jerky. I was wondering if we could have done something wrong. The only thing that didn't go as planned was that both the stock springs on one side fell out at one time. They had slightly differnt coloring and we werent sure we put them back in in the same order they fell out does that matter?
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I DONT KNOW ABOUT the colors on teh springs.

but i do know that when i first put the kit in my truck it was a little jerky also. but a few days later i put a 80 HP tune in my truck it all smothed out prety much i think that ading horse power smothes it out. and also when i tow it is smoth as silk it is the best when towing. i think that adding load smoths it out.
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