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Sonnex/Tricumulator?? what needed

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When I looked at the Sonnex/tricumulator article it looked like when you ordered it you got 3 springs for the 50 bucks. Is this valve sleeve thing included and do you have to do this too? Can a person just do the springs?

I want to do the job once and do it right so if I am missing something please let me know. I hear everyone who has done this mod is extremely happy with the performance. I don't "need" one, but for 50 bucks, why not do it while I am changing the fluid anyway.

Also, this is a job that a normal person can do right??? I have never dug into a transmission before and this makes me a bit nervous. I have read over the directions and it seems pretty straight forward, but if there is anybody saying this is a tough job...please say so!

But back to the point...there is a sleeve AND springs in the kit right?

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Yes, you do get the 3-springs and the valve. You do it all at the same time.

You can get the Sonnax (Valve)/Tricumulator (3 Springs) kit from this LINK

and the you can find the link for the install there as well. Its easy to do. This is a good time to also replace your filter, and switch to Sythetic fluids.
The total amount of fluid yo will loose will be between 7-9 qts, after you drop the pan, filter and valve body.
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