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Sonnex/Tricumulator?? what needed

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When I looked at the Sonnex/tricumulator article it looked like when you ordered it you got 3 springs for the 50 bucks. Is this valve sleeve thing included and do you have to do this too? Can a person just do the springs?

I want to do the job once and do it right so if I am missing something please let me know. I hear everyone who has done this mod is extremely happy with the performance. I don't "need" one, but for 50 bucks, why not do it while I am changing the fluid anyway.

Also, this is a job that a normal person can do right??? I have never dug into a transmission before and this makes me a bit nervous. I have read over the directions and it seems pretty straight forward, but if there is anybody saying this is a tough job...please say so!

But back to the point...there is a sleeve AND springs in the kit right?

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Thanks for the reply. Good to know I get it all. I will be ordering it real soon. I will definitely replace the filter and the magna-fine at the same time. Not for sure if I want to spend the money on synthetics or not. I don't pull heavy enough loads to really get this thing hot plus I have an auxillary OTA cooler. I think I am just going to replace with dino fluid. So far so good.

But thanks again for the quick reply!
One more question. When you take this valve body off, they say you loose a ton of fluid. I take it I won't be able to do the fluid change by running the truck the way the post reads. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif Maybe I am not making myself clear, but last time I just hooked up a hose to the tranny return line adn pumped out the old fluid in the 3-4 step procedure. If I take off the valve body I think it will mess up this whole process won't it? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Could somebody chime in on what they did when they did this mod and changed the fluid at the same time?

any help is appreciated!
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