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Spare change costing rear 8 in lift?

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Howdy y'all! Well me and the boys are putting together an 8 in. lift for our other buddy (Christmas present for the lil guy) and we've already got the front figured out, got numbers on the parts and its gonna cost him less than 400 bucks. Its basically a front Fabtech setup minus the springs they're Skyjacker. As for the rear, I'm thinking of throwing 2 sets of add-a-leafs per pack and mounting the rear leaf packs on 5' Revtek blocks. We're shooting for a true level look and the rear combo I'm betting will be around 8-9 inches of lift. What do y'all think? Am I close or are we going to end up with a truck with worms or worst...a rake. Any input is appreciated.
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Yip, shes a F250 like mine basically but black with the V10 and not as purty. Super Cab, short bed. Really? (referring to the Fabtech nose sitting high) that explains why my truck has worms. I'm running a fabtech front and procomp rears.
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