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Spark plug question

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One of our trucks has the V10 in it. On the way in to work yesterday morning, the fourth plug back on the passenger side blew out.

Big bang, followed by lots of little bangs....

Disconnected the coil, pulled the plug, and the first couple of threads on the end of the plug are bunged up.

With lots of sticky oil to hold on to shavings, I run a tap through the head - it runs through and back with no problem, but I can't get a new spark plug to thread into the hole.

Any ideas on what to do next?


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So in your experience, the blown plug problem in the V-10's disappeared after 2002?

Again, thanks for the input. What, if any, problems have you consistantly seen in the V-10 since 2005, and how are they determined or avoided? People that have newer V-10's that I have talked to, don't seem to have many issues except the age old complaint of low gas mileage. But many of the 6.4 owners have the same complaint.
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