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Specialized app's and DPF's

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Lately i have been seriously contemplating getting a new boom truck to replace my old 1989 F-800 with a national 556A unit on it.

But the thing that has me NOW worried is what happens when the truck decides it wants to go into a REGEN when I'm in the middle of a pick? a sudden surge in engine RPM while swinging a load could lead to a shock load and taking the whole truck over with it.

I'm I supposed to make a 10 man crew wait while the truck goes through a regen cycle? its not like a highway tractor that will see heavy loads driving down the highway. My current boom truck will idle for 8 hours a day for a week or longer on bigger jobs.

This application isn't like a wrecker where you set the throttle up and leave it. You use throttle to control the speed of your movements along with modulating the controls.

Any one have any thoughts on this or am i way off base here? Is there any way to get a Exemption from having a DPF on a new truck chassis?
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What about when it starts to load up? I would like to thing they were smart enough to figure out perfect working solution for this problem but i have yet to hear it addressed.

Probably 90% of the applications requiring PTO use you could get away with just setting the engine idle up to say 1200-1600 rpm which would allow a regen no problems. But a boom truck isn't one of them.

I know for a fact that my current boom truck has been "worked" (99% idle with some mile 1,200RPM bursts ever couple of min) for 10 days 100+ hours days without ever seeing more than 4 mph ground speed.

It blew white smoke for the first 5-10 miles like a freight train when it got back on the road. IT's under powered as all hell 6.6L Ford/New Holland 170Hp 29,000LBs UnLaidened weight sitting there empty. So if its on a job its at idle, if its on the road its flat out PINNED wide open.

truck has 60,000 miles and 7,000 Hours on it now.
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No mine is an alligator hooded PITA! No room under the man eater hood for an intercooler. If it was intercooled or even after cooled i could turn the wick up a bit and at least make it not a complete menace to traffic.

The chassis was about the cheapest thing you could get in the 35,000 GVW range when it was made in 1989. F-800 alligator hood 2 axle, Lucas girling Juice brakes /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/vomit.gif, Non intercooled 6.6L 170hp backed by a Fuller FS-4005-B (400 Ft.Lb rated) 5spd 2spd electric shift rear (4.88 low/4.10 High) NO A/C, radio, power NOTHING, doesn't even have the fender mounted turn signals or hood mounted mirrors.

The 6.6L is a gutless pig But on the same token the SOB is as reliable as a Swiss watch. Not once has it ever given me an engine related problem. AS long as i keep good clean fuel filters on it will run down the highway on the flats all day long PINNED on the governor @65 Mph. Most over passes will knock it down a gear to 45 MPH.

I have been looking for either a used F-800 city tractor that i can rob the front end off of and the related intercooler piping and possibly a 10spd. Then i came to my senses and started looking for a complete truck i could RE-deck the crane onto. Now I'm just thinking about biting the bullet and getting a whole new package.

I'm looking for a chassis to mount A national 13110H boom on. I bought my first boom truck because it was A HELL OF A DEAL (1/4 book value) and as stated above. The thoughts from whoever spec ed the truck was just a way to carry the boom around in the cheapest way possible.

I want this new one to be what I WANT and for the enormous price tag that this damn thing is going to have attached to it I want the IDEAL setup for what i want to do with it. With fantastic maneuverability, (short BBC and good wheel cut for a truck that's going to have floatation tires) at least 410 HP and gears to roll down the highway 1750 rpm @ 70Mph AC, cruise control, TOP of the line interior, full gauges engine monitor all the toys. Does Bentley make a 3 axle truck? haha. The more i think/talk about it the more i convince myself its a great idea.

I need to keep the over all wheel base as short as possible with a 192" CA. Also i need to keep the overall frame height as low as possible and still have the 20K front axle with floatation tires. I'm wondering if it would be feasible to have independent control of the rear axle and let the air out of it an get the truck to turn on the front tandem or would a tag axle be better?

basically after that i don't know what the hell i want. I really wanted a KW but there BBC dimensions are huge. Sterling's are the best but i don't want a freightshaker bastardized ford. Im looking for Either Cummins ISM or Cat C-13 power.

I want to narrow down my chassis search before i start to really bother a sales man.

I have more questions in my head now than when i started writing this /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif
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