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Specialized app's and DPF's

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Lately i have been seriously contemplating getting a new boom truck to replace my old 1989 F-800 with a national 556A unit on it.

But the thing that has me NOW worried is what happens when the truck decides it wants to go into a REGEN when I'm in the middle of a pick? a sudden surge in engine RPM while swinging a load could lead to a shock load and taking the whole truck over with it.

I'm I supposed to make a 10 man crew wait while the truck goes through a regen cycle? its not like a highway tractor that will see heavy loads driving down the highway. My current boom truck will idle for 8 hours a day for a week or longer on bigger jobs.

This application isn't like a wrecker where you set the throttle up and leave it. You use throttle to control the speed of your movements along with modulating the controls.

Any one have any thoughts on this or am i way off base here? Is there any way to get a Exemption from having a DPF on a new truck chassis?
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I would talk with a truck sales guy that really understands specing. I have made relationships with them for the brand I use to the point that I know every option that is available. These type of things are getting to be pretty well handled by electronics. I have trucks that cut the PTO off above X mph. Also trucks that auto shift the truck to neutral while a function of the PTO is used in conjuntion with the brake. Believe it or not, the engineering department of a real vocational truck MFG has considered this stuff. I know the word engineer makes most of want to run..... SunsPSD is a guy who has experience in this field, might PM him. And hey, I'm still running a 6.6 ford everyday, I think it is actually a pretty good motor, alittle under powered, but hey it has a P-pump and a T04 turbo on it don't it? Is yours intercooled?
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