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I have a 97 OBS F250 7.3. I recently had to replace my gauge cluster lights because they began going out. I have a few questions. I bought new LEDs and they do not work if they are put in backwards and the only way to tell if they are in backwards is to put them in the cluster and turn the key, does anyone know which lights should come on when I simply turn the key on? Also, after pulling my dash and pulling the needles and stuff, my speedometer does not work at all, it is stuck on 80 and sometimes it moves down to 70 and then 60 when the truck slows down but once I hit the brake or down shift it falls right back down to 80. I read online that some people say they can be reset three times, has anyone done this? Is it straight forward? Also I am a little worried that some of my other gauges may not be reading accurately, is there a way to reset the whole cluster in a way that they will all be accurate again? Any advice would be appreciated.
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