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Sputtering 6.0L

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First off I would like to say hello to everyone I just signed up I have been looking on here for 2 days and I seem to be going in circles with the issue i am having. My truck is a 2004 6.0l it has 127k on it and i bought it on tuesday. On wednesday I was sitting at a traffic light and it started skipping when i hit the gas it seems to run fine then when it is in overdrive it shudders bad until i push the gas and it downshifts it also stops when i put in tow/haul mode. The problem seems to be when below 1800 rps. Now the history the po told me is he replaced the injectors, ficm, egr cooler delete. I removed the egr and cleaned it it was really gummed up. I started it with egr unplugged it runs the same so i plugged it back in. I unplugged the ICP and it still ran the same. Any ideas I know there are problems with 6.0l but i thought i would get more than 1 day out of it. Thanks Chris
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I should also mention it has not set off any codes or cel, new oil and filter, air filter, new fuel filters
New info it appears after i made the deal on the truck the PO changed out the batteries one was no good out of a car and the other was borderline out of a boat with loose clamps so i just had 2 new batteries installed but it still runs the same. The truck starts right up (3 seconds cranking at the most) It dosent smoke at all even when i get on it.
I hope not but i will test it in a couple minutes after it cools off thanks for the reply
Ok I tested the FICM and i have 47.7 key on same cranking and running? what would be next
It appears to have oil in coolant but motor oil is clean, temp runs at 194 deg,
no signs of anything comming out of cap it has not lost any coolant from the level mark. it looks like little puffy clumps floating in coolant
I have a cheap scanner that shows egr, rpm, engine temp, maf, baro, ect but i didnt see anything out of the ordinary, I read so many people having the same symptoms as me but nobody ever posts what the fix was.
would a flash update help. Would it all the sudden go bad maybe I could look on my scanner at the version i have and reference it somewhere to se if it is outdated? i dont know just thinking out loud so to speak
I will flush it out tomorrow, filters just changed by po last week but i see napa on the oil filter housing so i dont know the brand used. I will get fuel gauge tomorrow. Thanks for your time I will post my findings
Is it possible to drain and flush the cooling system then fill with water and run it through a heat cycle or two so it will build pressure to see if it is residual or a active oil leak
I am doing a search for the procedure but cant locate it do i put simple green and run the engine?
I just found the procedure i will get the water tomorrow i have a gallon of simple green already
sure glad mine does not look like that mine is like dirty water with some particles floating in it
Why everything on this truck so difficult 3 fuel pressure testers and none fit. Everything is expensive you might think with all the same failures the parts price would go down. Is there a wat to test the ICP voltage or ohm or just a test procedure. if i unplug tie ICP does it need to run for a bit for the computer to go into default?
I also notice occasional hard shifts i am only mentioning everything i can think of so maybe we can figure this out. I am going to order rev x tonight i wish they sold it locally.
I went through every fuse all good. I switched all the relays around incase it had a bad one no change. I unplugged the ICP and no change. Been driving with the egr unplugged and no change either also no CEL and no codes on the scanner.
ok i installed the scangauge II these are some of the readings i got i did not drive it just idle warmed up

FMP-47.5 to 48.5v

do these look normal?
No there hasent been any codes, or smoke i did notice the ait cleaner is not dealed right due to broken latches and the filter gauge is missing but it has been like that since i bought it and it ran good.
I have been monitoring some things on the scangauge and i dont know what is normal because my pid value list dont have boost and ebp
max boost i have seen at WOT is 18.0 and EBP was 49 and when cruising around 16-1700 rpm i am at 2.6 PSI boost and 19 EBP is it normal? I just wish this truck would throw a code so I can have somewhere to begin.
Ok I unplugged the egr and it has power taking off now but still skips at idle and bucks in overdrive
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