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Sputtering 6.0L

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First off I would like to say hello to everyone I just signed up I have been looking on here for 2 days and I seem to be going in circles with the issue i am having. My truck is a 2004 6.0l it has 127k on it and i bought it on tuesday. On wednesday I was sitting at a traffic light and it started skipping when i hit the gas it seems to run fine then when it is in overdrive it shudders bad until i push the gas and it downshifts it also stops when i put in tow/haul mode. The problem seems to be when below 1800 rps. Now the history the po told me is he replaced the injectors, ficm, egr cooler delete. I removed the egr and cleaned it it was really gummed up. I started it with egr unplugged it runs the same so i plugged it back in. I unplugged the ICP and it still ran the same. Any ideas I know there are problems with 6.0l but i thought i would get more than 1 day out of it. Thanks Chris
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Can't help ya with yer problem but remember it's a diesel so you don't "hit the gas."

You either "mash the accelerator" or "stomp on the go peddle" LOL

Good luck with your problem and your truck. I hope it's nothin major

Best to ya.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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