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sqeaky mastercylinder/brakebooster

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Does anyone else have a sqeaky mastercylinder/brakebooster? Everytime I press the brakes while going slow I hear a sqeaking noise that I thought was coming from the linkage in the brake system but after spraying lube on everything and further troubleshooting I determined that it's actually coming from inside the mastercylinder/brakebooster assembly. I bleed my brakes and the noise when to about half of what it was but its still there. I use to not have any noise at all. I checked a friend of mine's truck and his is doing the same thing and it also is driving him crazy. Is anyone else in the same boat and did you fix it?
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Vapstroke, How did you flush you p/s system? I need to do the same and would like a quick "how to" if you dont mind.

Thanks! That sounds easy enough. Now I just need to convince my 2 and 4 year old kits that I need the time to do it, thats going to be the hard part.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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