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sqeaky mastercylinder/brakebooster

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Does anyone else have a sqeaky mastercylinder/brakebooster? Everytime I press the brakes while going slow I hear a sqeaking noise that I thought was coming from the linkage in the brake system but after spraying lube on everything and further troubleshooting I determined that it's actually coming from inside the mastercylinder/brakebooster assembly. I bleed my brakes and the noise when to about half of what it was but its still there. I use to not have any noise at all. I checked a friend of mine's truck and his is doing the same thing and it also is driving him crazy. Is anyone else in the same boat and did you fix it?
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I do also. I just flushed my power steering system with redline high temp atf and the pedal feels much better and a lot of the noise but not quite all of it has gone away!
Jack up and support the front end so the wheels dont touch the ground. Then disconnect the return hose from the power steering pump. This is the hose that connects with a clamp to the top of the pump resevoir. I then capped off the fitting on the resevoir where the line was attached. Then get a adapter that will allow you to connect a section of clear hose to the hose you disconnected and run the end of the clear hose into a old bucket. Take the cap off of the resevoir and put a funnel into it. Have someone get into the truck and start it up. Have them turn the wheel slowly lock to lock while pumping the brake pedal as you slowly pour the new fluid in the funnel. You should notice a color change of the fluid in the clear tubing when you have gotten all the old stuff out. I ran about six qts through mine to be sure and get all the old stuff out.
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