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Stacking Chips with the Edge Evolution---SAFE?

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Alright boys...I have a question. I have a 1997 F250 7.3 liter PSD. When I got it, it already had a power enhance chip in it. It was just plugged into the power port under the dash (behind the emergency brake) on the left side of the dash. It was just plugged in there. I don't see a label on it, but there is a small sticker on it that has the following lettering..."4X BANKS14". The guy told me it was a 50 hp chip. Before I installed the Edge Evolution (60/80/100 hp), they told me to take it out. I did, and all is well...but I wonder, since they provide their respective enhancements in very different ways, is it safe to plug the 2 in together? Has anyone ever had experience doing this? I'd love to place it there and see what impact it may have on performance, but don't want to completely wreck my mother board. Thanks in advance! <font color="blue"> </font>
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No I dont believe you can do it safely on the 94 to 97s. That port you mention, Is it behind the e-brake towards the outside of the truck? if so that is the Computer, Not a Power Port.
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