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stainless brake hoses

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Have any of you found stock length stainless brake hoses? If so where?
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I got mine from these guys, and they fit fine and seem to be holding up extremely well. I don't think that I found them on their website but I called them up and they had them sent to me quickly and they installed flawlessly.
Nope. This kit only replaced the three rubber brake hoses: the two rubber hoses on each caliper and the rubber hose that runs from the frame down to the rear axle.

They do not sell a replacement hard brake line, but when I did these, I bought a roll of it and replaced it all at the same time. Cheap insurance, I figured.
I think that it was stainless; 95% sure it was. I didn't have any issues double flaring it, either.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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