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Stalling: Fuel starved engine...

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As the title might imply, I have a stalling 96 and could use some advice on where to start looking for answers. The problem has been ongoing but very minor, for the entirety of this winter (providence, ri), and has seemed at least in part to be tied to the engine being cold. Previously, she would just conk out, usually at a stop with the break on in drive, and fire right back up. Last night however, and it was over fifty degrees in providence, she died and stayed dead. The starter fired up, with more vigor than i normally experience, but there was no sign of ignition. I have surmised through looking through various posts on this site that the cps (camshaft positioning sensor?) often goes on these trucks and that it can caused stalling, but with no starting back up, is the sensor still a possibility? My thoughts beyond that are that my fuel line somewhere is shot, or that the filter is gunked up. Checked the filter, and it had fuel and seemed clean, so...Any thoughts are much appreciated.

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lack of glow plug signal

RD, thanks for your response.

If you didn't first turn the key to the "off" position, then the PCM would not have activated the glowplugs. This could cause the observed increase in cranking speed.

This seems to be of interest, though I did indeed turn the key to off. I did not however, nor continue to register any glowplug activity. i put that up to a related electrical problem, but your explanation seems on the money. is there a way, while setting the ignition to off, that the glow plugs would still not fire? and with the engine quite warm, i would have expected ignition at that moment anyhow. does the glow plug cycle activate other essential elements that i do not understand?

with some investigation, thinking my fuel supply was to blame, i discovered a dislodged heater element at the bottom of the fuel filter. What i have is 270 degrees of a wire loop element, attached on one end to a bolt in a slot, and the other end appeared fused to a round disc, attached to the filter housing. the round disc and the wire have both broken free, and while disconcerting, i cannot relate my original problem to this new one given my relative lack of understanding.

thanks again RD, any more would be welcome. got the bugger wide open now, so...


Does the tachometer register anything when you're cranking? If so, then the CPS is probably functional.

Gonna have to check on this with the filter back in place, but...

You can check the fuel pressure with a tire pressure gauge at the Schrader valve on the side of the filter cannister. It should be around 50psi. (you might want to wrap a rag around the valve as you do this to catch any spray)

Another problem that can cause symptoms like this is a malfunctioning IPR. It's located on the bottom back left side of the high-pressure oil pump in the engine valley. Make sure the solenoid is secure on the spool valve (there's just a thin tinnerman nut that holds in on) and that the wiring is in good shape. I lost the tinnerman nut off of my IPR once, and it would stall regularly when accelerating up hills and into intersections.

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