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Starting Issues after HPOP R&R ????

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Just got done changing the HPOP and IPR on the 02, took quite a bit of cranking to get it to start the 1st time, but oil pressure is doing great now. But when I shut it off it is almost like a leakdown of the oil pressure/losing of prime or something because the longer it is off, the harder it is to start. If I shut it off and immediately start again it is fine, but wait 5-10 minutes and it takes a minute+ of cranking to get it to fire again??? Any ideas????

Thanks, Ray
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x2 on the driving....but......i had my hpop changed by a ford diesel tech awhile back,and i had similar issues.he said it was the gasket that was supplied with the hpop and it wasnt the correct gasket.i think its an early late not sure,just what he told me.he got a different style gasket swapped it and no more problems.but usually a long drive will fix your issue
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