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Starting Problems

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I have a 1992 f 350 with the 7.3 idi. The old glow plugs on my truck burnt out so I took out the 6 volt glow plugs with 12 volt glow plugs so they will not burn out. I also took out the relay and timer and put a continuous duty sylonoid in to replace them and a switch in the dash to run the glow plugs. Once I installed all of this I tried to start it to test the glow plugs I cycled them for 45 seconds and tried to start it and it turned over but never tried to start it just kept turning over. I tried it a few more times and the same thing happened so I let it sit over night and the next day my dad tried it. He cycled them for about 30 seconds and it didnt start so he tried it one more time after cycling them again and it started. He said it started really rough like one cylinder started at a time. That is the only time it has started since. It acts like it is not getting fuel to ignite to start and I dont know why it would act like it is now. Any ideas on what to try or test to see how to start it?
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bob ask me why that piece is important
lets say under my dash is not color coded anymore
they may be burnt cause this is a 12v system
the relay keeps them from burning out
a 45 sec continuous burn will kill any gp it will over heat and crack or break the tip

on here there is a gp relay wireing thing to hook it up for manual burn
ah here on ziggsters page Ziggster's pagebookmark it that is like a bible that is for a 6.9 so wire colors are wrong but it still works

run hot to a relay 2 10 gauge wires and then one to each bank then 10 gauge to each gp
then you wont burn up your wires
then run a switch to the relay
thats the best way
and check the gp removal article if you want a horror story
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