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I cannot believe this! 3 F-ing times now!

2008 F-350 Super Duty Lariat 6.4L - Diesel V8 - Long Bed - 4x4 - Crew Cab
purchased in January 2009

Incident #1 (2011):
The 2008-2009 F250s & F350s had a tire recall from Continental in 2011. We replaced our tires 3 months before the letter came out because there was a huge bubble in one of the rear tires where the steel belt was separating/breaking. Luckily, we were reimbursed by Continental for the tires that we replaced.

Incident #2 (2014):
Then in August 2014, it happened again with a rear tire! I was driving the truck this time and the whole effing tread ruptured and ripped out our break line and damaged the rear quarter panel! Filed a claim with our insurance and had it repaired. Our premium soared there after. Ugh. I attached pictures of this incident.

Incident #3 (2015):
We had our alignment fixed about 2 weeks ago since it would veer towards the left a lot. They rotated the tires at that time. On Sunday we notice that the truck is swaying/rocking, kind of like a boat does in choppy water. That's no good. We take it back to the place that did the alignment this Monday and explained that this wasn't happening until after they worked on it. They check it out and said its the rear tires. The steel belts are separating and the tires need to be replaced. Obviously we do not want a repeat of the disaster from 2014 with the break lines and such.

The point of all of this?
Is this common? Why does this keep happening? I'm looking for any experience or suggestions. We are just sooo frustrated with the tire situation with this truck.

edit to add:
This truck sits in our driveway Mon-Fri. It is not used to commute in any way.


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