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#1: A blister isn't caused by broken belts; it's caused by layer separation, usually due to overloading/overpressure/underpressure.

#2: It's hard to tell because your pics don't show the remaining tread, but what little I see makes me think the tire was worn nearly out, and overloaded again.

#3: Sounds more like the alignment shop is trying to cover its @$$ for not catching something on the first go-round. Broken TREAD belts (like the first 2 incidents) don't cause swaying; broken SIDEWALL belts can cause it, and sidewall belts ALSO break from running underpressure.

You said the first tires were Contis, and I can see the 2nd is a BFG. You didn't say what the 3rd set is, but the only things common to all 3 incidents are the truck and YOU. Obviously, millions of trucks drive around without tires separating, so that only leaves...

What do you haul in this thing on the weekends, and do you keep up with the tire pressures, or are the TPMS sensors all thrown inside a sealed pressurized pipe bolted to the frame? The valve stem in the 1st pic looks like plain non-TPMS rubber. Click this, study it, and follow the chain of links in its caption:

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