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Steering box

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I just completely rebuilt the front end on my truck, once I did that I found out just how bad my steering box was...with 300K what should I expect? So I replaced it with a rebuilt Cardone unit. It's better but the truck still wonders, it's like the center is too sensitive. It's not bad around town, but on the highway and especially pulling our 33' travel trailer this thing is all over the place...a constant struggle to hold it in the right lane.

So, can the box be adjusted? I've heard horror stories from people messing with the adjustments and never getting them right again. OR is there a higher quality box that I can buy for it? I'm planning to keep this truck forever so I don't mind forking out some cash on it.
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Cardone's quality has went down hill very quickly that last few years. I would say you have a bad box as long as the rest your front end is tight. I'll be getting readhead when my goes as well.
not a bad price. red head upgrades the box and hand builds each one to exacting standards, better than a factory box really. I'm luckly I got a cardone box for mine and its working fine so far. Kept my factory box for a core when the time comes again.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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