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My upper bearing is getting worse got the dreaded rubber steering wheel, anywho got another collum how does the selector for the tranny unhook, and I want to replace the u joint steering knuckle also Im putting new tires on in a week and am tinking with the more agressive tread this might be a good thing, at the momment i have about an inch to 2 inches of play from left to right, also im trying to get everything ready for my sidewinder install, got the sidewinder with wastegate, thinking of taking off the clutch fan and putting on 2 eletric ones, (is this wise?) will have to install pullers as not a lot of room in front I have a small one right in front for my trans cooler(had to notch out grill a little to fit) can I put an intercooler on say a hypermax? does it have to go up front? or can it go between the rad and motor? if it has to go in front what the best place to relocate my trans cooler too? trying to get all this done before I head back to cali in a week. thanks gary:ford:
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