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Steering column shifting play

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Hi fellow PSD'rs-

Got my CCSB down here to baja without any issues. Fuel is priced right, I filled <u>both tanks</u> yesterday for 480 pesos ( about $44 USD ). So I am really happy about switching from my 6 cyl F-150 4wd SuperCab. Been keeping an eye on my Tymar filter and it's working like a charm in the moon dust that has suddenly appeared everywhere. BTW the pointer I received from the Dieselstop crew to Dale was spot on, he is a great resource and really helped me understand the filtering issues associated with running a diesel here in baja...big ups to you Dale /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif

Have only one issue, I have alot of play in the steering wheel/shifting column of my '97 PSD with auto trannie. This was a known problem upon purchase, it's just time to address. The incator needle which points to which trannie gear, is useless and I am relying on clicks and feel to engage into the proper/desired gear. Truck sometimes won't start in P and needs to be nudged to N to turn over- though it always starts easliy. Trannie seems fine- when engaged it is shifting as designed. Am able to shift into 4wd without any problems, where I run about 60% of the time.

Problem seems to be in the steering column linkage- could it be associated with the column angle adjustment feature? Any ideas how to trouble shoot, adjust or repair would be appreciated. I'm 50 mi from a Ford dealer and NAPA/AutoZone for parts if that has any bearing /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/vulnerable.gif

Thanks for any help
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check the shifter bracket at the column first, sometimes the bolts back out.
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