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Steering column shifting play

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Hi fellow PSD'rs-

Got my CCSB down here to baja without any issues. Fuel is priced right, I filled <u>both tanks</u> yesterday for 480 pesos ( about $44 USD ). So I am really happy about switching from my 6 cyl F-150 4wd SuperCab. Been keeping an eye on my Tymar filter and it's working like a charm in the moon dust that has suddenly appeared everywhere. BTW the pointer I received from the Dieselstop crew to Dale was spot on, he is a great resource and really helped me understand the filtering issues associated with running a diesel here in baja...big ups to you Dale /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif

Have only one issue, I have alot of play in the steering wheel/shifting column of my '97 PSD with auto trannie. This was a known problem upon purchase, it's just time to address. The incator needle which points to which trannie gear, is useless and I am relying on clicks and feel to engage into the proper/desired gear. Truck sometimes won't start in P and needs to be nudged to N to turn over- though it always starts easliy. Trannie seems fine- when engaged it is shifting as designed. Am able to shift into 4wd without any problems, where I run about 60% of the time.

Problem seems to be in the steering column linkage- could it be associated with the column angle adjustment feature? Any ideas how to trouble shoot, adjust or repair would be appreciated. I'm 50 mi from a Ford dealer and NAPA/AutoZone for parts if that has any bearing /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/vulnerable.gif

Thanks for any help
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You could try this.

Transmission Shift Control Cable

1. From inside the vehicle, place the gearshift lever (7210) in the OVERDRIVE position (E4OD). Hang a three-pound weight on the gearshift lever.

2. Raise vehicle on a hoist and position suitable safety stands under vehicle.

3. Remove the shift cable from the transmission lever ball stud.

4. Pull down the lock tab on the shift cable body.

5. Position the gearshift lever in the OVERDRIVE position (E4OD). This is three detents from the front-most lever position with the first position counting as one.

6. Connect the cable end fitting to the transmission lever ball stud.

7. Push up on the lock tab to lock the cable in the correctly adjusted position.

8. Remove safety stands and lower vehicle from hoist. Remove the three-pound weight from the gearshift lever.

9. CAUTION: Under no circumstances should the cable be adjusted in any position other than (D) (OVERDRIVE) for the E4OD automatic transmission.

After making the adjustment, check for park engagement. Check the gearshift lever in all detent positions with the engine (6007) running to make sure of correct detent/transmission actions. Readjust if necessary.

Shift Indicator Cable

1. Remove the four screws from the lower steering column shroud. Remove the lower steering column shroud.

2. Rotate gearshift lever (7210) clockwise until it bottoms out in first gear.

3. Rotate gearshift lever counterclockwise three detents (overdrive position).

4. Hang a three-pound weight on the gearshift lever.

5. Center pointer in the middle of (D) OVERDRIVE position, by rotating the thumbwheel located on right-hand side of steering column actuator housing.
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