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Steering wheel oscilates left & right

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99 F250 4X4, 160 K miles

As the title says, the steering wheel can oscilate left & right while going straight ahead. If you hold on to the wheel, you can still feel it. What tends to start this off is a left turn. Right turns tend to stop the oscillation. I'm thinking this is a hydraulic problem, but I am open to any suggestions. Also noteworthy, with vehicle stopped, turning the wheels left you can feel a bind or hard to turn point; turning wheels right with vehicle stopped is normal through steering travel.

Any help out there?
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Front axle u joints will absolutely cause this along with a host of other problems ,including tearing out the center of the auto locking hubs.The front axle shafts aren't always totally stationary and depending where the halfshafts end up the wheel can oscillate or worse you can barely turn the steering wheel.Other times it feels like you are driving on ice.A broken belt in a tire can also cause this concern but I doubt this is the problem.

When diagnosing these kinds of problems you have to know all parts involved are operating correctly or right even if you don't think they're related .

Hope this helps .

I do this for a living in a Ford dealership.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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