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Steering wheel oscilates left & right

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99 F250 4X4, 160 K miles

As the title says, the steering wheel can oscilate left & right while going straight ahead. If you hold on to the wheel, you can still feel it. What tends to start this off is a left turn. Right turns tend to stop the oscillation. I'm thinking this is a hydraulic problem, but I am open to any suggestions. Also noteworthy, with vehicle stopped, turning the wheels left you can feel a bind or hard to turn point; turning wheels right with vehicle stopped is normal through steering travel.

Any help out there?
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Doesn't sound necessarily like a hydraulic problem description to me. Hydraulically why would it bind in one direction and not the other, why would it hydraulically oscillate? Many people complain about these front ends, drift, looseness, steering oscillation. I am making an assumption, since you didn't write about it, that no one has tightened up the adjustment nut on the steering gear box. With a unit with 160K I would start at the wheels and work inward. Check for mechanical looseness / roughness in the wheel bearings, looseness in the ball joints and steering arm components. See what you find there. Probably get more hits on youre question to repost it in the 7.3 forum.
Yes, I should admit I have a siezed u-joint on the RH passanger side. Do you think this would be causing my symptoms, even if the hubs are unlocked?
Always a good idea to give all obvious known elements of a problem with the question, helps people to help you :thumbsup:. Siezed ju-joints could create the symptoms you described in your original post.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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