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Sterling 10.25 brake spring configuration?

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The pinion seal was leaking on my truck(1986 f250) so I swapped it out for a rear end from a 95. Both are sterling 10.25. The 95 has speed sensor on top but that doesn't matter mine is in my transmission. Other than that the only difference between the two is the pinion yoke was slightly longer on the 95, not enough to cause me to have my driveline shortened. Unfortunately I rushed through the swap and didn't take pictures of how the springs were. Now I believe I have it together but I'm not sure. There are some holes that are empty on the shoes and I have a few spring left over ( 1 shoe gold down spring and two of these purple springs that look like the ones I have on the bottom. Is the auto adjuster assembled right? Also in the new parts there were two silver u's. When I disassembled it there were none.


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Thanks Trucker87. the diagram looks just like I have it on the truck. I guess i just wanted piece of mind
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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