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Still having sway problem, need advice

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Well, I have replaced all the ball joints, link and center joints, new rubber coupler in steering, power steering box, but I am still getting some sway while driving. Not as much as before, but it is still there.

Tires? Yup, can it be the damn tires? They are Cooper Discoverer H/T, but they are not E rated tires. Max PSI is only like 35. The load number is 106, which is low.

I bet it is these crappy tires that are the cause, what do you guys think?

Oh, I the king pins are nice and tight, the only other thing I will be replacing this week is the Axle pivot bushings. The old one's look like they are cracking.
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With all that front end work I would think tires, BUT did you do an alignment afterwards....... Borrow a buddies tires and see if the sway is still there.
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