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Still having sway problem, need advice

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Well, I have replaced all the ball joints, link and center joints, new rubber coupler in steering, power steering box, but I am still getting some sway while driving. Not as much as before, but it is still there.

Tires? Yup, can it be the damn tires? They are Cooper Discoverer H/T, but they are not E rated tires. Max PSI is only like 35. The load number is 106, which is low.

I bet it is these crappy tires that are the cause, what do you guys think?

Oh, I the king pins are nice and tight, the only other thing I will be replacing this week is the Axle pivot bushings. The old one's look like they are cracking.
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I will be getting an alignment after I get it all together.

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If you've replaced the balljoints without aligning it, it's very likely that alignment is the cause of the wandering.
Ford trucks use eccentric bushings to adjust camber & caster, and if the rig had been previously aligned with average-wear balljoints, and you install new ones, even if you were able to make certain that the adjusting bushings didn't move, the alignment would be off. Toe is only one of three axis adjustments needed.

I'd invest in an alignment first. Around here, runs about $70.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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