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Stock OBS 7.3L air filter box..

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Anyone need a stock air box ? I know most get rid of them, I did on my old beast and just came across it on the shelf... pay shipping and it's yours.

send e-mail as I don't check this section much anymore. [email protected]
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Do you still have it? Mine is a 1996 model. Please let me know.

Rick Driver
Townville, S.C.
I appreciate the offer but I think I'm gonna go with the TYMAR system (as recommended) and eliminate the whole problem.
Out of curiosity, will your unit fit a 96? If so what are you asking for it?
Mr. Patrick,

I appreciate the advice.... I've ordered the Tymar assembly. That should end my problem.
Thanks for the info.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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