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Stock turbo clearing stage ones?

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Should a stock turbo be able to clear up stage ones? It blows smoke when I first get in it but clears around 15 psi boost. is this Normal?

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Thanks for the replies,
I was just surprised the stock turbo cleared them up. I will wait until I get the 6.0 turbo installed and fine tuned before I send my chip back to Tony. I am hoping the VGT will clean up the bottom end.

Thanks again,
Make sure you let us know how the vgt turbo works. I thout they sucked on my 6.0. Turbo lag was much worse than our trucks are but when 2krpm hit and the boost built hooold on. They might work better with the larger displacement and no egr to dirty up the vanes and make them stick.
Good luck.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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