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Stuck glow plug HELP!

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I have read a lot of threads on this topic. I was changing my glow plugs on my '96 CC PSD and the front plug on the drivers side didn't break free like the first seven did. I tightened it back up and then tried again. In and out a few times and I thought that I had it broken free. Instead I had it broken apart. The electrode is stuck in the head with the wire section hooked to it. I have tried a product from Sea Foam called Deep Creep, PB Blaster and today I went to the marina for Mercury Power Tune. It has been soaking in that for 10 hours and it hasn't budged yet. I have started it to see if the compression will blow it out and even let it idle for 5 min to see if warming it up a bit would help get it out. Any suggestions would be great. I really don't want to pull the head unless completely necessary. I read that someone put there valve cover back on and drove it for a couple days and when they opened it back up it came right out.
What keeps the electrode from falling into the combustion chamber?
How hard can you pull on the wire before you break the electrode off?
Anyone close to NY 14822 that wants to show me how to fix it?:lol:
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i had one on a customers truck do the same thing . i got a real good pair of vicegrips and clamped as tight as humanly possible . then i took a pry bar and just pried it up a little then i would tap it back down . after about 10 times of doing this it pried right out . just be very careful . i had let it soak in about everything out there prior to this .
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