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I've got a 96 F350 7.3L that is stuck in reverse. When you put the truck into drive, the truck backs up. When you put the truck in reverse, the truck backs up. I recently had a slip yoke shatter on the rear drive shaft. I put the truck into 4 high to get back home. I replaced the slip yoke and installed new u joints. I had a hard time getting the transfer case to go back into 2 wheel drive. Took the truck for a test drive and found the truck wouldn't stay in gear unless I applied forward pressure on the 4 wheel drive shift lever. I removed the boot around the 4 wheel drive shift lever and found an aluminum bracket that has a single bolt that bolts to the side of the transmittion and has linkage that goes back to the transfer case. This bracket was broken. The linkage moves smoothly. With the bracket removed, the truck is stuck in reverse.

Any ideas what’s going on? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif
Thanks for your time
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