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Stump you with a Code 1670

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is anyone familiar with a 1670 code, Can a plug in chip effect this signal line?

Any info will be appreciated.
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I don't know if a chip can effect this.

I found a shorted wire in between the idm and the pcm causing this code before.

Another time, worked on one for days looking for a short or bad pin, replacing the idm fixed it. Idm was installed in a donor truck, same code diff truck.

On a 97 fixed a bad pin, ran fine for 2 days code came back, replaced pcm because the idm checked out fine.

A good multi meter and a lot of patience.
Hopefully some one more helpfull/knowlegable will chime in....R

on edit; Also found a bad pcm ground once.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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