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Recently on my other favorite web hangout, the Corral (, I noticed that they had enabled some sort of UBB feature that makes the multi-page posts show the page numbers as part of the post title, so that you can click and enter directly on that page (instead of having to click on the post and then click on page "x" once it starts to load. I hope the way I described that makes sense. I load a screen shot of an example if you want to see what I mean (look at the second post on that page)

Don't know if that feature is possible for this site or not, but I sure find it handy on the Corral.

Just a thought,



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There are some neat gizzmo's out there. I was surfing the LS1 web site earlier and I liked the idea of small pix for your signature. But, I bet they eat up bandwidth or space. I also loved the little gizmo one guy had. It was a flag pole and the flag would run up the pole and unfurl. It then read "B S"
. Man, too damn funny. Kinda like a Troll Meter.

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I think I can answer this one...

I believe the page number thing is a 'hack'

"What the heck is a hack?!?" you ask.

A hack is something that is added after installing this board software that is not supported by the company who wrote it.

In addition, anytime the software is upgraded or a new version is released, you have to reinstall the hacks which is a time consuming job sometimes.

If it wasn't so tedious and time consuming to put them back in, I bet Jason would have some pretty serious hacks running right now.

Troutly, Jason has the images turned off so pages load faster.

Also, if the images were turned on and you want to post an image in the forums, you have to put it somewhere on the net and link it to the site via the
tag instead of the tag. The site would not store the images themselves. SP
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