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Suggestions on where to look

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Yeesh....she's wearing me down...

Hey everyone,

Seems I have an intermitent power to the PCM (I think) and yes I will pull my chip tomorrow.

Went for a drive, found gravel road to see if I could shake up anything....nothing...back to pavement and CEL comes on but does not stay on. WTS light cylces on off, fuel peddle goes dead, then she fires up...quits and it seems if I feather the peddle it will run...limped it home....DTC P0470 (which stays on constantly) and P0603 which will clear.

Chip is new and I was very careful at cleaning (acetone finger nail polish and fine fibre pad) used dialectric grease on install.

If after I pull the chip and there is no difference, any suggestions on where to track this intermitent power problem????

Becoming..well...frustrated as the wiring harness looks intimidating....and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

sorry for the long note...just kinda bumin'....

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fuse 22 also powers the PCM.
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