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Sulastic Shackle Install Questions

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I tried to install Sulastic shackles today, and it was a bit rough to get them off. But my dilemma is that when I followed the instructions and lowered the truck to get the lower part of the shackle on, the lower holes won't align. And the back part of the leaf spring is so tight, I don't see any way to get the back part of the leaf spring to mate with the frame. has anyone had this issue before. It seems the only way to do it is to have some sort of device (or spring shop) that can grab the back of the leaf spring and bend it down to meet with the frame. No small task. The distance apart on the bottom holes is around 3-4 inches, and the shocks were also off to get ready for Bilsteins. Any suggestions ? Thanks for the help.
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I just switched leaf springs so I had to align the new ones, just as you are trying to do. I would suggest loosening all the spring bolts and using a jack to move the axle up and down as required. With everything loose, you should easily be able to get the rear shackle bolt in.
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