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Super easy and quick way to clean engine with diesel fuel.

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I replaced my fuel filter yesterday. I've done this 4-5 times in the last 10 years w/o problems.
After replacing, cranked it up just to verify it ran. It ran great and I let it idle for a while.
I eventually noticed the smell of diesel fuel. Shutting it down and opening the hood, there was enormous amounts of diesel just sprayed all over everywhere. And a large pool below the truck. Couldn't understand it, I know which way that gasket goes on (and it was on correctly) and have never had trouble with it prior. Just didn't have it seated correctly. And here's the funny part. Took the lid off and made sure I had it seated, put it back on and then had a friend turn to key so I could check for leaks; it spayed all over again. It took 3 more attempts to get it on correctly, spraying away each time! I couldn't believe it. Don't know why I had issues. Forth attempt seemed to do it with no leaks.
Now I'm tempted to take it off again and check the gasket, wondering if I pinched/cut it when tightening the lid down onto it (if it wasn't in its grove).
But I'm kind of gun shy to take a look. It took a long time to clean everything up (and it's still not totally clean). I'd hate to repeat it.
Anybody experience this?
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