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Suspension Bushing Bolts

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I'm looking at doing a full Energy Suspension bushing kit on my '02 F250 since the stockers are pretty well shot. While I'm in there, I'd like to put in new bolts as well. I did a little searching on this topic, but every thread mentions one or two bolt sizes for a specific bushing. I've also read that, on some vehicles, the Energy Suspension bushings require a different bolt than stock.

Does anyone make a full bolt kit for these or does anyone here have a list of all of the sizes/quantities? I'd like to have everything sitting here before I tackle this, rather than running back and forth to the hardware store looking for different bolts. Thanks for the help!
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Sorry I can't help you with bolt size but I replaced my sway bar bushings with some from NAPA that were USA-made and they made a noticeable improvement.

Money well spent.

Good luck.
It looks like the Sway Bar Bolts (2 per side) are Ford P/N: N605921-S426 (replaced by N605921-S193).
I can not find bolt dimensions online so would recommend taking old one into hardware with you.


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