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Suspension Bushing Bolts

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I'm looking at doing a full Energy Suspension bushing kit on my '02 F250 since the stockers are pretty well shot. While I'm in there, I'd like to put in new bolts as well. I did a little searching on this topic, but every thread mentions one or two bolt sizes for a specific bushing. I've also read that, on some vehicles, the Energy Suspension bushings require a different bolt than stock.

Does anyone make a full bolt kit for these or does anyone here have a list of all of the sizes/quantities? I'd like to have everything sitting here before I tackle this, rather than running back and forth to the hardware store looking for different bolts. Thanks for the help!
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Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!
I believe that Energy Suspension bushing kits come with a metal inner bushing and standard bolts to fit. At least the sway bar link bushing kits do. So if you go that way, you should have everything you need. You might call ES to be sure.
I'll give them a call. I saw the metal inners and bolts for a few of the bushings, but not all. That's just from looking at their advertising pictures. Thanks for the help!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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