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Swapping a 4r100 with a e4od in a 1999 7.3L powerstroke diesel van

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Hi you all.
What does it take to swap a 1999 4r100 with a 1997 e4od tranny?
I have a blown 4r100 and a rebuild beefed up e4od that I would like to use instead.
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swapping a 4r100 with a e4od in a 1999 7.3 powerstroke diesel van

You'll have to drill the case for the extra sensors the 4R100 has and then reprogram your PCM for the different torque converter lockup. Not worth it. Why don't you jerk the internals and use them to rebuild your 4R100 and get a new TQ.
What if I use the pcm from the 1997?

Then your motor won't run. Plus, the wiring pin outs are different. I'm not sure about the clutch packs, but most of the "beefed up" parts are gears/planetaries. Maybe upgraded shafts. All that should swap. Who rebuilt the E4OD?
I would take both transmissions back to the shop and have them do the swap.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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