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Swapping a 4r100 with a e4od in a 1999 7.3L powerstroke diesel van

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Hi you all.
What does it take to swap a 1999 4r100 with a 1997 e4od tranny?
I have a blown 4r100 and a rebuild beefed up e4od that I would like to use instead.
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What if I use the pcm from the 1997?
That means the intarnals are the same, right?
How aboult the clutch discs?
I heard that the e4od have only one disc and the 4r100 have 3...?
Thank you.
I will swap the internals as you suggedt.
The tranny was rebuilt by a local shop over here in Norway where I live.
They have rebuilt and upgraded transmissions for the past 25 years.
By the way. They have tested the e4od and given me a written warranty that the tranny can handle the power from my engine. (7.3 powerstroke with 510 hp and 1350lbs of torque at the wheels)
What rt said. Just not feasable to make the e4od work.

Sounds like you've got some serious mods. What size injectors are you running 250/200's?
I am running modified 250s injectors, ceramic coated cylinders, pistons and heads. Modified hpop, 3/8 inch fuel lines, framemounted fuelfiltr, dual banks turbos and hiflow fuelpump. Compression is 21/1 no headgaskets but o ringed heads.
1 - 7 of 11 Posts
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