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T/C swap puting a 6.0 in a 4 speed 7.3

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I just wanted to know if any one was gonna make up the adapters to do this? I can get a 6.0 T/C at a good price and also a new heavyduty trans from ford, I know its not the same as puting a BTS or Sunny in , but my buget doesnt give me to many options. Mytrans is doing good so far , I'm just looking at afordable options when the thing dies.
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i know that gsxrturboquad put a 6.0 TC in his and it didn't last to long. he thought it was great at first but didn't take long for it to take a crap on him. if i remember correctly he demolished the thing. if ya cant afford a stallion yer best bet is to get a decent tc from one of the sponsors here. there's some out there that are good just not as good as the stallion, but there alot cheaper. unless like me you put one in, burn it up, then buy the stallion anyway's
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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