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T/C swap puting a 6.0 in a 4 speed 7.3

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I just wanted to know if any one was gonna make up the adapters to do this? I can get a 6.0 T/C at a good price and also a new heavyduty trans from ford, I know its not the same as puting a BTS or Sunny in , but my buget doesnt give me to many options. Mytrans is doing good so far , I'm just looking at afordable options when the thing dies.
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Sounds like I'll go with a after market, I'm not gonna be building a lot of horse power with this thing . I just want something that will hold up to towing any where from 5000 to 10000 0r 12000 max. I have a 2 horse thats mine , but when I get around to puting the goose neck in I'll have a 7 horse that grosses at 14000# I can use if I want. I guess that should tell you what i'm looking for in a trans converter set up. Thanks for the info guys

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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