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Tach sensor

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Ok my truck doesn't seem to want to go into drive at all, I bought it and it drove fine then i was driving along and it just dropped out of gear and now it won't go back the trans pressure is good just changed the oil and the MLPS. I am getting a new tach sensor cause I noticed that the tach was jumping about with no care to what it should be doing. but now i cant get the truck to go forward at all with out red lining it. Did it cook the shift solenoids the trans was rebuilt but that was before I bought it. and the only time the od light blinks is when I have the boot down.

the truck is a 7.3 e4od 4x4 reg cab
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Need more info.
Did you get the correct trans. filter if you changed it? 4X4 needs the deep filter.
How much fluid did you put in after changing?
Did you check the level when warmed up, after changing?
Does the tach indicate RPM when idleing?
What year is the truck?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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