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Since we've "lost" the old TDS TSB archive that was located in the old site's FAQ/Trouble Spots section, I looked in my files and I do have a bunch. These are the ones I've collected over the years based on my own needs (and titled so I know what they are for):

TSB 03-21-23, CPS Shimming (supersedes 97-06-18)
TSB 06-14-4, Mercon Replacement
TSB 94-15-13, Passenger Dash Bracket
TSB 94-19-18, 1994 Selectable RPM Control
TSB 95-9-19, Wrong Dipstick
TSB 95-10-07, Cracked Oil Pickup
TSB 95-14-12, Inspection Cover Rubbing
TSB 96-11-04, Center Cap
TSB 97-3-10, Frame Rivet Noise
TSB 97-06-18, CPS Shimming
TSB 97-12-11, Coolant Leak Cracked Block
TSB 98-1-15, Dually Fender Star Cracking
TSB 98-5A-35, Parking Brake Cable Bind
TSB 98-15-1, GP Monitor Stored Codes
TSB 98-23-14, Dual Tensioner

Back in 2013, I also downloaded a bunch from Ford Tech Service on a one-day subscription for a 1997 F250HD with no VIN specified (so it displays a list of all TSBs for that year and model, they're not VIN or specifically diesel related). I attached the index (not OCR or hot-linked to individual TSBs). I have 125 TSBs by number (no titles, that's in the index). If anyone needs one of these and I'll attach the PDF file. Hopefully this will be useful. Cheers!


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