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Since we've "lost" the old TDS TSB archive that was located in the old site's FAQ/Trouble Spots section, I looked in my files and I do have a bunch. These are the ones I've collected over the years based on my own needs (and titled so I know what they are for):

TSB 03-21-23, CPS Shimming (supersedes 97-06-18)
TSB 06-14-4, Mercon Replacement
TSB 94-15-13, Passenger Dash Bracket
TSB 94-19-18, 1994 Selectable RPM Control
TSB 95-9-19, Wrong Dipstick
TSB 95-10-07, Cracked Oil Pickup
TSB 95-14-12, Inspection Cover Rubbing
TSB 96-11-04, Center Cap
TSB 97-3-10, Frame Rivet Noise
TSB 97-06-18, CPS Shimming
TSB 97-12-11, Coolant Leak Cracked Block
TSB 98-1-15, Dually Fender Star Cracking
TSB 98-5A-35, Parking Brake Cable Bind
TSB 98-15-1, GP Monitor Stored Codes
TSB 98-23-14, Dual Tensioner

Back in 2013, I also downloaded a bunch from Ford Tech Service on a one-day subscription for a 1997 F250HD with no VIN specified (so it displays a list of all TSBs for that year and model, they're not VIN or specifically diesel related). I attached the index (not OCR or hot-linked to individual TSBs). I have 125 TSBs by number (no titles, that's in the index). If anyone needs one of these and I'll attach the PDF file. Hopefully this will be useful. Cheers!


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Great going @Patrick Feeley.

Kevin may eventually move your morsels over to the sticky threads he created,

..and then LOCK the sticky threads so that the Administrator can't take them away from us again. 🙃 🔒:ROFLMAO:
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