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Temps Normal?

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Yesterday I was hauling between 19000-20000lb squash on I'm guessing a gooseneck that weighs 5000 and my truck weighs 7500lb totaling around 32500lb gross while running 35" tires. I did the message center trick and my coolant temp never rose over 111 degrees which seems kinda cool for a diesel compared to tractors and other equipment I run. I was loading the truck heavily up some hills and it would only hold about 45-50 WOT. Just wondering how the coolant temp relates to the engine temps and make sure everything was in check. ambient air temp around 98 degrees.

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Or are the temps displayed in Celsius?hmmmm. That sounds more realistic?
Just a bump for some more opinions.
Yes, It usally stayed around 108-109. About the 650, I pulle the same loads frequently w/my 02 250 and traded it with 100,000+ miles and no problems. It also had an 54hp tow program that I ran the whole time. Just never saw the temps rise on the 7.3 and was curious about the 6.0
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