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Veterans Day is coming up on November 11, 2010. I personally would like to thank you all of our current Active Duty personnel serving our country, as well as those that have served. Your service is appreciated!! Thank you for all you do, and all that you have done to make our country great.

I go on the Run for the Wall every year, an annual motorcycle ride that is held every year that goes from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. This run honors all veterans and active duty men & women. Come join us in May 2011! Join in LA, or any of the stops along the way. However, I recommend going and starting in CA, if at all possible. There are 2 routes, Central and Southern. I go on the Central. You won't regret it.

Now through November, as a small way of saying THANK YOU, any veteran or active duty personnel, contact me via email or PM for a special promotion, I am offering.

Thank a vet!

USN '87-'91
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