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This pertains to my 2002 f350 7.3 but I’ll post this here as I’m not sure whether the original Diesel Stop Forum post from 2013 I searched (bustedknuckles) was pertaining to the 6.0 or 7.3

Here is a copy of the upgrade that was mentioned by one of the participants:

( Another good idea is to do the "Big Three" battery cable upgrade: 1) alternator to battery positive; 2) alternator case to battery negative and 3) frame to battery negative. )

Also the verdict seemed to still be out on whether the computer did or did not allow the alternator to charge during the glow plug cycle or if the voltage drop that was seen was because of the high draw of the glow plugs and the low output of the alternator at an idle speed.

There was talk of installing a larger H/O alternator, doing the “Big 3” but not if it would cause any negative effects.

Q. Anyone have any updated information on this? Especially on adding a secondary wire from the alternator output to the drivers battery positive post on the 7.3

I don’t seem to see any follow up on this since 2013 or any new information. It is an interesting thought, but I also see that if the batteries are in good shape it may be a moot point.

Thanks! Glenn
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