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I have this exact same issue.
99 F250sd 7.3l
Have an after market stereo and speakers. I did not install these. The previous owner did. Adjusted the loudness level and tweaked a few things with equalizer. Next time I turned on the truck my driver side window Buttons did not work and neither did the power button. The stereo still worked fine.
Took my truck and got the windows fixed and the power button. Tried to turn on the stereo. Nothing.
Called the Ford guys that fix my truck and they had no clue of why this would happen. I still am not quite sure if these two issues are the cause of each other.
Well my 02 F350 has been hit with the Power Windows (all four) and Radio stopped working problem. My Instrument Cluster is working fine and so is everything else. I have read many, many post concerning this problem and I am really hoping someone on here has figured this out and has a fix. I saw several post that mentioned wiring in the door hinge area but I am having trouble seeing all the wires there becuase of the rubber boot getting in the way. Do I just cut it out of the way? Anyway I sure need some help on this.
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